Cannot ping router from outside local network

When using the hotspot of my fairphone 3, I can access most of the internet, but I cannot seem to reach the router of my local network using its global IP address. A ping command returns:
% ping [global ip address]
PING [global ip address] ([global ip address]) 56(84) bytes of data.
From [global ip address] icmp_seq=1 Destination Net Unreachable

I do not have this issue when using a different phone (Honor 9), so I’m guessing the routers configuration is not the issue.

There is also something else funny about my Fairphone 3 that might be connected to this. In the list of devices connected to the local network my Fairphone always appears as “-” or “?” neither of which is the devices name

Did anyone else experience a similar issue?

Which mobile network are you using for your FP3 and your Honor phone?

There have been hotspot issues in the past that were specific to the network or operator.

The provider is the same for both smartphones. I also switches sim cards to check and the issue seems to be with the Fairphone, not with the sim card. But to answer your question, the company is called Klarmobil, they use the same network as German Telekom.

To be precise, that may be true for your individual plan with them.
In general they sell plans using the Vodafone and Telefonica networks, too.

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