Cannot make a single phone call without something going wrong

hi there. Every single call I make or receive is blighted by the phone doing something that interrupts the call, either calls made or calls received, either turning on Airplane mode, calling someone else, thinking I want to send a message, cutting off etc. The screen is obviously way too sensitive. I’ve done the Accessibility > Medium touch thing as recommended elsewhere.

Please help as I’m on the verge of returning the phone as it can’t do the basics.


Is it possible that the touchscreen is active while you hold the phone to your ear, resulting in your ear navigating the phone, doing stuff?

If so, please calibrate the proximity sensor … Settings - Maintenance - Proximity sensor.


Hi there, thanks, yes tried that. The screen is still navigating away into strange places…

Does it happen only when making or receiving calls? Why is the screen “navigating away” while it supposed to be off while on the phone? Or when does this happen, and where are these strange places you mentioned?

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