Cannot Launch Lineage OS

Hey guys so i’m trying to install Lineage OS on my FP2 but i am having a hard time with it…
Basically i followed the instructions on their site so i downloaded correctly TWRP (everything works fine until here) but when i install Lineage i always end up with the logo loading with no end, sometimes my phone restarts and it stays that way.
I thought it was a sd card problem or something so i decided to use ADB sideload but still i am getting to the same point…
Am i the only one out there with this problem?

Are we talking about this guide here? …

If so, this guide works, if followed 100%.
Just try again and make sure you don’t miss anything.

If you really want to start over without anything left from the failed install attempt, here’s how … you can just continue with the LineageOS installation after the Format Data part …

Yes my fault i didn’t reinstall TWRP.I followed your instructions and now everything works flawlessly!
Can i ask you why location services don’t work on Lineage OS?

Does GPS by itself work?

LineageOS by default comes without preinstalled Google services and Apps. The usual Android location services additional to pure-hardware GPS are provided by Google.

In case an Android OS such as LineageOS doesn’t have them, you can either install the real Google Apps and services with e.g. Open GApps, or you can install alternatives like UnifiedNlp …

The easiest way for LineageOS without installing the real Google stuff would be using the LinageOS for microG fork, where an alternative location service is robustly built-in.

microG tries to mimick Google services with open source software to get Apps depending on Google services to run without them, the location services are just a part of it.

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