Cannot install MobileIron Mobile@Work app on Fairphone 2

To get access to my work email I need to install a MobileIron app, Mobile@ Work. I tried several times and then my IT helpdesk colleagues have spend hours on this, but they cannot get it to work on my Fairphone 2. It is the only phone that has problems with this (I work in a big organisation of several thousands of people). This is not good for me nor for the image of the Fairphone! Who has has similar problems and found a solution? Thanks for any help!

Have you already tried to re-enable Privacy Impact by unticking the option found at:
Settings -->Sound & Notifications --> Privacy Impact?

Thanks, yes I tried that too (just now I did it again) but I still get the message (by the way the app gets installed but then doesnt work): “Unable to locate. We are unable to locate you with your email. Please use your server URL”. But also with the user URL I cannot get further.

Dear all,
I would like to know whether this issue has been solved (are there people successfully using mobileIron on FP2?), and if yes, how.

As we have an issue with mobileIron and/or touchdown under android 4.2 on FP1 & FP1U (at least we think the android version is the problem), I would like to know if this were still a problem if we switched to an FP2 (and consequently a higher android version).
Just to be clear: we could install them on FP1/FP1U under android 4.2 and they ran and worked well, but because of security issues we had to remove them again.
Thanks for any help!

yes it was solved, but its magic, nobody understands it…

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That’s good news!Thanks!