Cannot find "Fairphone OS" in "All Apps"

Submitted this to Support but maybe somebody know something about this:


I have updated my phone to 1.8, and used the widget to reinstall the app store. The widget went grey but I still can’t reach it. I tried to use this article:, but I can’t find the app “Fairphone OS” in “All apps”. What can I do?



If you cannot find it (as seen in the image), you should check, if you are really on Fairphone OS 1.8 and not on Stock Android.

Anyways, the new Fairphone OS 1.8.5 is out already and doesn’t have a widget anymore, but you can install Google Apps directly from the Fairphone Updater. I suggest you install 1.8.5 manually. Then you would not have to worry about a disfunct widget.