Cannot edit contacts

After upgrading my Fairphone 1st edition to Cherry I cannot update my contacts anymore. When I go to “Personen” (Dutch version), select the contact and press edit (“Bewerken”) using the bottom left button it seems as if I can edit but the Fairphone doesn’t allow me to update any field (in this case telephone #).

Is this a bug indeed and/or am I doing something wrong?

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Can you save what you do with ‘Done’ (“gereed”) on top of the screen.

Can you add a new contact with details, and after you have saved are you able to edit the new contact you’ve created or is it the same issue?

@Denise_van_der_Linde - did you get to the bottom of this?

The problem is not that I cannot save, but that I cannot edit/change the
field, so even though I select “edit/bewerken” the values are still greyed

Could you upgrade to 1.8 and see if the problem is solved?

I am also running 1.8 and have a similar problem with editing. I can add new numbers and add pictures to existing contacts but cannot edit / delete numbers / details or duplicates.

For example - I only get 4 options when I press on a number:

  1. copy
  2. Set default
  3. Copy to dialer
  4. Dial with country code

Tips on deleting numbers would be most helpful !


Are to trying to change your numbers in the ‘people’-app?

Hi, my name is rolf. My fairphone indicated as FP1U, Android-Version 4.2.2 Kola Nut 1.8.7. I’m very much annoyed about the poor possibility to edit contacts. There is no possibility to delete contacts or to alter them. What can i do. Would be nice to get support. Greetings Rolf

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What happens if you: go to to the people app -> tap on a contact -> tap the menu hardware-button -> tap edit?

Dear all,

This issue is now (at least for me) solved. Last weekend I was able to edit ( delete) a lot of my duplicate contacts in my people App. There had been an issue with Skype for Android, in that every time I updated the software it copied my contacts in again.

Using the edit function as mentioned above for the People Appplication, did work.

With regards


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