Cannot change notification settings of some apps

I posted about this a long time ago (here) and I also found some other old topic (here) about this but I still have this problem. For some apps, even though I disable vibrating for notifications in the notification settings (so in the settings of the app itself), my phone still vibrates. It’s just a short vibration, but I just don’t want my phone to vibrate for every message that I get. I have experienced this with Threema (I also don’t get led notifications from Threema, not sure if that’s related), the standard Messages app, Signal and Email. Not sure about other apps because I don’t get many notifications besides messages. I know I can put my phone on do not disturb/priority mode, but I don’t understand why the settings within apps are not working.

Update: okay I installed LineageOS (which is amazing by the way!) and I still have this problem haha? For Signal I now muted all my conversations seperately as a workaround but for notifications from Threema my phone still vibrates.

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