Cannot add extra home screens after updating to Kola Nut 1.8.5

Hi there… There’s definitively something wrong with this update. With the previous installation, I could easily add and remove home screens (same as my "old"Android phone) by just moving an app to the far right edge of the last screen. As per today, this no longer works and I’m stuck with five screens. Used to have seven screens, each one with its own “theme”: communications, multimedia, traveling and so on. Please could anyone come up with a solution? :frowning:

Secondly (but not less important): the icons on this new version really are tiny!! Not good for my “well matured” eyes. It’s a drag, having to put on my reading- glasses in order to be able to distinguish them, especilally on these few (and therefore rather crowded) screens… :expressionless:

You obviously had 1.8 installed before. 1.8.5 reintroduces the old launcher from 1.6 because there was alot of negative feedback on the 1.8 launcher.
Good news you can still install the “v2” launcher, here is the topic on how to get the look and feel of 1.8 back.

Please post further questions there.