🏒 Canadian Fairphoners! 🇨🇦

I just received a FP2, bought from @teleute , and I am loving it! I slipped my Koodo SIM card into it and it works like a charm down here on the north shore of Lake Ontario (east of Toronto). It is using the H+ network, which, as mentioned by @Johannes, is “H = HSPA , an extension of 3G that is sometimes referred to as 3.5G.”

Hope this answers questions you may have about networks in this part of Canada.


Hi !
I’m in Canada and I’m looking for a canadian sim card, but I’m not sure it will be compatible with my FP2.

On the Lucky Mobile website it is said:

Your phone must be compatible with LTE AWS (1700 MHz) or LTE 700 MHz bands, or UMTS/HSPA compatible on 850/1900 MHz bands. See your phone’s user guide for information about network compatibility.

I can’t find the answer on the Fairphone’s website.
Do you have the answer?
Have a great day !

As long as nobody recommends anything specific, you can always start your search at https://willmyphonework.net/.


Well, the tech specs of the FP2 are here on the FP homepage.


In short:
LTE will not work, as Fairphone supports 800 / 1800 / 2600 MHz for LTE.
UMTS/HSPA will work, as 850/1900 MHz bands are supported.

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The FP3 would support more LTE bands according to this source. As the FP2 is out of production it might be worth waiting a moment to see whether these FP3 rumours are true.

the specs are out, and it looks like the FP3 supports more bands than the FP2. follow the discussion here:


Hello there!
Just arrived in Canada, staying here for some time.
My FP2 works fine here with Fido, but I need to replace the battery. Do you know if the official FP store ships spare parts to Canada? Are you aware of any different way to get a new FP2 battery?


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The official Fairphone shop does not ship to Canada.

But resellers might do, e.g. Vireo … https://www.vireo.de/marken/fairphone/8628/fairphone-2-akku.


Cool! I’ll check it out!
May ask if there is a way to make sure the battery is really gone or if there could be a different issue in the mobile?
As many other FP2 mine has many aches and pains :slight_smile:

You could try the online troubleshooter … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001041206-Troubleshoot-your-Fairphone-2-issue

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You can find a list of resellers, that sold the FP2 and accessories in this thread:

Though not all will send batteries on their own overseas, as they are hazardous goods. E.g. ecosto did not deliver to Canada, if I recall it correctly.
There must be another thread with that question already.

Just got FP3 and it works nicely on 4G with Fizz (Videotron QC).


Hi fvo_3000,
I live in Quebec too and would like to know where did you buy your FP3 ?

Got it sent to friends in Europe then some other friends brought it over to me :smile:


Hello! I am new to this community and will be ordering an FP3 through Vireo shortly. I live in Montreal. Excited to share my experience when I get my hands on it :slight_smile:


FYI - the shipping was cheaper from Clove (https://www.clove.co.uk/collections/smartphones-fairphone). Overall cost was about $50 CAD less. The taxes/duties were about $45, and I ordered mine on Tuesday and got it on Friday! Couldn’t believe how quick they got that moving. It wasn’t an expedited shipping option or anything…


Oh my - I’ll look into them!

I notice this was posted in May 2016, any comments in your experience since then. I assume you are using a Fairphone 2

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