🏒 Canadian Fairphoners! 🇨🇦

Hi All!

I just want to say I received my Fairphone from my family member in England a few days ago and it’s working like a charm here in Ontario! The Open Source OS works great with the carrier Fido.


Am I seeing a new Fairphoners group emerging? :smiley:


I sincerely hope so! It would be so great to know other Fairphoners in my area. :smiley:


Add yourself to the list and maybe someone will contact you. :wink:

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Hi Jonnydark!

That’s great! Did you have any other option for the carrier (Koodo, Virgin, etc.) or Fido was your only choice ?

I just wrote to a friend in Czech Republic that is coming to Québec this summer, so he may bring me a fairphone at the same time…!

How’s your fairphone so far ? Are the apps working good ?

Thanks for any info!

Pierre @ Québec


Bonjour Pierre!

Le Fairphone est magnifique!

I merely went with Fido because they are the cheapest in Canada and I already had an account with them from my older phone. Before I even considered importing the Fairphone I went on their tech support chat line and linked them to the Fairphone 2 tech specs. After they reviewed them they said it was good to go I went ahead and made arrangements to have it shipped. I suggest you do the same, if you’re with a carrier already simply get on tech support. Don’t bother going to the kiosks in malls or whatnot. Not even Fido reps knew what the hell I was talking about.

I don’t download apps so I can’t say anything about that. With the open source os I might look into getting stuff… but I’ve lived with a “dumb” phone for so long I don’t really know what I’m missing. The UX is really well integrated though and it’s much simpler to use than any tablet I’ve had.

In many respects it’s a regular phone! Just guilt free!


That’s fantastic… I already talked to a friend of mine from Czech Republic, coming to Canada this summer, who’ll bring it with him… So we may be 2 fairphoners soon in Canada.

Cheers, thanks for all the information.



My boyfriend and I use PublicMobile in Montreal. It works perfectly with our fairphones and it is also a cheap company (for Canadian standards) :slight_smile:


Thank you Maria! That’s really helpful. :slight_smile:

Just ordered my fairphone! It is on the way to Quebec city…! Looking forward to it! Thanks Maria, I’ll be looking for that PublicMobile thing… First time I hear about them!


Nice! I hope you enjoy it!

That’s weird, I asked Public Mobile if their network would take the Fairphone and I was answered no:

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The answer wasn’t no, but that it is not completely compatible.

According to http://willmyphonework.net it is not compatible with 2G, but it is compatible with 3G (on the 1900 MHz band, but not on 850MHz), and with LTE (on some frequencies).

I don’t know though what that limitations may mean in practice.


We are using it in Public Mobile without a data plan. Everything works
fine. We can call, we can text, and we can use internet when we have wifi.


Hello guys !

I just got my FP2 with the open os. I’m using it with Fido in Montreal.

Did you have any issue with the localisation ? I can’t get my position either with GPS, cellular network nor both. It says “Position unknown”.

Thanks !

You may wanna have a look at this:


Hi Folks! Great to see that there is a Canadian community!
Based on the discussion here I feel confident that I’ll get a Fairphone 2 (probably Open OS) for use here in Canada.
I’m based in the GTA (Waterloo), so I will probably follow Jonnydark’s lead and go with Fido.
I’ll probably import the phone through family members in Germany - any recommendations for that?


Hi @aerler glad you’re joining the Canuck Fairphone movement!

Importing is pretty simple… just have it shipped to your family members then have them ship it to you. I recommend a courier service where you can track where it’s at.

Installing Open OS is really simple. Follow these instructions: Fairphone Open OS Download and Instructions (LINK)

BTW I’m partial of the Translucent cover. It looks amazing and makes it feel like a very special phone.


Thanks for the link.
I kinda agree: the translucent cover makes it look very special!
My concern about importing it is mainly with respect to customs… what was your experience?

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Translucent covers have proved to be a bit “unstable”…:

If you don’t want to handle a possible warranty return in the future (especially since living outside the EU), I advice you to go for one of the new slim covers.