Can you run Threema on FP Open OS?

Hey guys,

has anybody Threema installed in FP Open OS? Can you use it? Any problems like dependencies to google services?
For installation I would need to download install file from Threema-Webpage and transfer to Phone via SD?

Thank you!

Hi there,

Yes, I can confirm Threema to work on FP Open OS without any problems.

You can buy a license key (or re-use an existing one) to download the APK-File from the Threema Shop.

Keep in mind, however, that without Google Cloud Messaging (GCM, i.e. Play Services) there will be no push notifications, instead Threema will pull (= actively look for) new messages every fifteen minutes.

You won’t miss Threema news and updates when you subscribe to the “Threema Channel”. The app asks you if you wan’t to download the new version on update.



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Hey P.,

thank you for your answer!
Not getting push isnt nice but I guess I have to live with this. Maybe I can cfg threema to pull more frequently than 15min?

Thanks for your help!!!

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Yes, that is possible. You’ve got the choice of 5, 15 and 30 minutes.

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I can confirm Threema works nicely even without play services on FP Open OS. I’ve used it without push notifications for quite some time, and it was OK.

These days, I’ve still got FP Open installed, but use microG on top of that. It’s a open source replacement for those proprietary google services. It allows you to use push notifications for Threema, Signal and whichever other things you might want. :smile:
In case you like the idea, you can get microG from f-droid, it’s completly open source.
If you need further explanation, just ask, and I’ll gladly switch to verbose mode :wink:


thanks to both of you!
That sounds promising. Is microG independent of Google so that my phone would stay google-free? That would be awesome!

Yes, it is. I’m using Threema with microG too - it works fine.

“Service Core (GmsCore) is a library app, providing the functionality required to run apps that use Google Play Services” Qutoted from MicroG-startpage.

Whithout Google - as far as it is possible with an OS developed from Google - is to run Threema with “poll”. But let’s be “a little pregnant” …



I also confirm Threema working fine on FPOOS.

Even without the push service I feel like getting messages quickly enough (except when the phone looses WIFI and does not reconnect on its on, which happens quite often).

I set the polling frequency to 5 min. but if you’re active in an conversation it looks like it’s polling more often - at least it checks for new messages every time you send a message.

Well, I guess in the end everyone has to decide by himself.

Polling comes with (sometimes) delayed messages, a bit of additional data usage and a bit of additional battery drain. And of course there are also apps (like Signal), that refuse to go with polling at all.

On the other hand, using GCM means you’re exposing to google what services you’re using on your fairphone. Not exactly great, either.

The relevant part for me is “no proprietary code from google on my phone”, and that’s what I get with microG. I decided i can live with google knowing that I’ve got threema installed on my fairphone.

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Thank you all a lot for your responses! :slight_smile:

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