Can you disable google searchbar on FP4?

Nope, that’s the crazy thing about it. If it were optionally, it would be totally ok for me, but it isn’t. As it seems. In theory, there is/was a solution I found online, but it didn’t work for me. I used web ADB and two small codes. But in the blog post, they did write that it was only tested on a pixel smartphone. I think I will try it again tomorrow.

Huh, you are right, I checked and it doesn’t exist.

Another one for the growing list of options that feel like they should be in Android 12 but are apparently only in Android 13 :roll_eyes:

I completely forgot how much of a Windows Vista experience A12 truly is :smile:


May I ask how you were able to disable the search bar on Android 12?

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You have to disable the google App in Settings/Apps there you search or scroll down to the Google (App) and disable it by clicking once on it and then on disable. Now restart your phone. But have in mind, that the clock App will appear instead and can’t be removed. At least I didn’t find an option to remove it.


Yes you can, despite what some other people say.

There are many guides on internet on how to debloat your android using adb shell.

This is more or less required every time you get an android device, to get rid of spyware and bloatware. Android devices is always trying you to log in to an Google account, so some software needed to be removed to get rid of the annoyng Google Log In promts.

Those are instructions showing a Pixel 7 running Android 13 and a Samsung device using a completely different launcher, you are replying to a thread that up until recently was about FPOS Android 11.

You were able to disable the Google app under A11, which removes the search bar, but it just left a gray dummy widget in its place that couldn’t be removed.


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I’ve had my new a Fairphone 4 with Android 11 for a week, and now I’d like to remove the Google search bar from my home screen.

Searching the forum, I saw that Fairphone 3 users could install an alternate launcher called Lawnchair, but it appears that it’s not available for Android 11.


Please have look above, easiest solution is to install another Launcher.


One of the first replies in this topic already mentioned Nova Launcher.
I had good experiences with it on my previous phone, so immediately installed it on my FP4 (which I updated right to Android 12 when I got it).
It allows removal of the search bar, amongst other things.

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Thanks! I’m new to this level of customization (and also quite soured on the Google brand after a bad experience interviewing with them last year). Nova launcher seems to work well!


Yeah, it allows quite a bit more customization, which can be a bit overwhelming at first.

I’m also no big fan of Google, but I’m not quite ready to ditch AndroidOS completely and switch to an open source OS like /e/OS or LineageOS (there’s undoubtedly more, but these two are explicitly mentioned on Fairphone’s Open Source page on their website).

I’m glad Nova works well for you, have fun with it!

Just the answer I was looking for. I don’t remember where I found information about the Nova Launcher. Besides the ability to get rid of the Google search bar, it’s full of many other good features.

I think I have a more tidy phone when it comes to it’s different screens. I use three screens like this:
• One with an almost full screen calendar widget,
• the second with two widgets, a clock and a weather forecast and
• the third with 15 folders that holds 16 apps, and if needed in case of more apps also extension folders.

It is very customizable.

My wife uses the standard launcher app, and it’s a mess on her phone. But it’s hers and she knows how to find what she wants. I’m glad I found the Nova Launcher. Go for it😄

This is my evaluation on Google Play:
I’ve had a launcher app several years ago but since then I’ve just accepted my hTc Sence way of doing things. With my new Fairphone 4, I’m stuck with the Goggle defined limits, but discovered freedom again with Nova Launcher. Best app I’ve seen for a loooong time. It let’s me really individualize the look and feel of my new phone besides the ‘standard personalization’ possibilities. It comes free and as a cheap ~ 5 us$/~ 4 € premium version. Get rid of the Goggle search bar on your home screen.

I’ve added some quick launch apps in the bottom of the screen like I was used to with my old phone.
They just take up space from some folders.