Can you disable google searchbar on FP4?

@AlphaElwedritsch Well… I don’t know why it’s such a big problem since you have to completely set up every launcher you use… and the FP Launcher is certainly not my favourite…
But yeah @Kervador you need a different launcher. If you want a step-by-step… i posted something not too far above. If you want basically the same launcher and just not have the search bar i can recommend Hyperion but there are other Launchers that look and feel about the same as the default launcher (which Quickstep is very close to)

It’s indeed a nice alternative, which is only asked once when you setup the phone. But the reason I don’t like it is because you have to install another browser while I want to use Firefox.

Lawnchair is great! But it’s a bit flaky. When minimizing an app, the launcher often needs a second to appear again.

That might be a general problem and not just lawnchair’s. I think I’ve seen something mentioned before elsewhere and I definitely have it myself with nova launcher.

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It also seems that Lawnchair crashes often since I rebooted and the fails back to the default launcher. Is that also something known? Maybe this question needs its own topic, I dunno.

Have you configured Lawnchair to be the default launcher? I don’t have any problems with it.

I have, but this setting is sometimes unset. I made a backup of the config, removed the app, installed it again, restored the backup and for now it seems fine again.

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I have the same problem with nova launcher. And for me it’s reproducible: on each reboot I have to set the default launcher again (twice as the first attempt never works).
Already created an issue for it.

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for that one I chose Ecosia and was happy until I got rid of the google widget (left of the home first home screen) by disabeling the google app - then the Ecosia search bar turned into a bar with just “Search” on it which does nothing when tapped. So as I don’t understand much of how all of this works I got the impression that even the Ecosia search bar (I am awware that Microsoft bing is behind that) was working through google…

You can disable the Google page in the Quickstart launcher settings.


Thanks for the super fast reply. Where do I find these Quickstart launcher settings? Sorry I just want to use my phone not study for hours and hours to do basic stuff…

Did you create an issue at the Nova team or at Fairphone?

I’ve just tested it again. Lawnchair does successfully (albeit slowly) start when rebooting my phone.

(Maybe we should move this discussion to its own topic? “Trouble with alternative launchers”?)

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It’s a bit hidden. Go to settings, apps, default apps. Then select the cog wheel next to “Quickstart”.

Which Lawnchair are yiu using?

The old one from original f-droid repo? no longer maintained

Or the new one from izzy repo? reborn

I use the new (reborn) one and it’s working great without issues and lacks

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Is it possible to update this without having to start from scratch configuring the home screen?

thanks! Very hidden: settings → apps & notifications → advanced → default apps (or settings search for “default apps” which I used and otherwise not have found it)

anyway for some reason the search bar has now changed from Ecosia to google … WTF… So I disabled the google app again and will live with the following work around including that ugly non-responding bar with search written on it… I really don’t have the nerve to do a factory reset again to change that back especially as I can’t be sure that tapping something some time in the future will again change it that f###g google bar…

Also interesting that the Google App grew 40MB in size while just having it enabled (not used) for 5 minutes and immediately denying all permissions…

Let’s give it a try

Import the repo and try to install it over

On the other side, I think there are not that much settings to do it twice :wink:

The white one is just a widget and can remove from screen
the black one can disabled in lawnchair settings under Dock if yiu use lawnchair

You don’t know how much time it took me to organize my apps into folders, configure all widgets etc. And I already did it twice: First with Quickstart, then with Lawnchair.

nope I don’t use lawnchair and don’t have the nerve to learn about that APK installing or Fdroid stuff mentioned in this thread and what to look out for when using those… So l’ll live with that white widget work around I intentionally set up by myself. I did the same on my FP3+ which now my dad is gonna inherit.

But thanks for the suggestion

I see…

What happens if you only deinstall the app without cleaning cache and space?

Maybe the settings are still remain