Can we expect a lower minimum display brigthness anytime soon?

I think this is a pretty obvious flaw. The minimum display setting is way too bright, much brighter than the minimum of other Phones. This has been posted here before, but two OS updates later it still wasn’t adressed. The Fairphone 2 had the same problem and for the 2 and a half years that I used the phone this wasn’t fixed.

After a bit more than a year of using a ‘main brand’ phone, I am suddenly back to this annoyance on a daily basis (everytime I try to discretely read a message in public or use my phone when it’s dark outside) and I have to use third party Apps again to lower my screen brigthness, which result in my screen getting blurry, have do be turned off for screenshots and don’t work on all parts of the phone.

It’s imo really annoying and I can’t believe it’s that hard to regulate the brightness.

Please lower the minimum brightness a lot, soon!


This is a community forum, not the company. Fairphone staff might read along here and engage occasionally, or not.

Issues don’t get addressed by Fairphone staff by just posting them here.
In absence of a public bugtracker for the Fairphone 3 you would have to contact support …


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