Can we build a Fairphone 2 by purchasing all its parts?

I’m just curious about all the replacement parts… Could we technically purchase a new fairphone by purchasing all its parts seperately?
Just to assemble it ourselves…

Technically yes. In practice no: the core module is not for sale.


Just yesterday I listened to the Restart Radio and there was this episode about flatpack electronics:

As a complement to the surge in programmes that seek to teach kids how to code, products such as Kano and Pi-top also aim to demonstrate the worth of understanding how hardware works. There are differences in the way we engage with items we have built ourselves, which is evident across a wide range of ages.

I think that a self-assembly kit of the Fairphone 2 would take the story-telling device to a new level and could serve an educational purpose.


True, but then again shipping the FP2 disassembled would probably result in a bigger package, higher transportation cost (battery might even be shipped separately?) and a better chance of something getting damaged during transportation.
Also the FP2 is basically already a self-assembly kit. You only have to take 2 minutes of your time to disassemble it first. :wink:

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Your points are of course valid and people, who dare to buy an unassembled phone are probably the same to take apart their designed to open phone when it arrives.

A PH0 screw driver should be offered in the shop and at resellers, though. That would take the FP2 closer to the idea of a self-assembly kit. (Wondering if the FP2 will ever be in the Fairphone shop again… :roll_eyes:)

PS.: Does “self-assembly” actually mean that something assembles itself? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well my self-made cake for the austrian fairphoner’s birthday celebration definitely didn’t make itself. :wink:


I like the idea of a build kit for the FP2. :ok_hand:
It would be quite a simple one but anyway.

Why is the core module not available anymore? (low demand?)
And what are we doing when the buttons are failing?

They look replaceable but w/out parts… not possible.


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