Can we, as a community, make a comparison between an iPhone and a Fairphone considering durability?

My English isn’t that great.

I’m referring to VAT / Value Added Taxation (BTW in dutch). If that would be removed from the invoice that would normally accompany a bill for repairing a phone, people would have to pay less for repairing their phones.

If I would like to have the accu / battery of my iPhone repaired at the local Coolblue then that would be something like €64,- while the accu / battery itself only costs like € 30,-. So a price of € 44,- would be far more reasonable.

The other thing I was referring to was income tax. States that have their own money system can do without income tax, because they can create their own money and then spend it into existence. (They would use taxes to remove money from circulation however.)
Usually commercial banks are used for money creation, but sovereign states could just do that themselves.
Again, I’m getting offtopic.

My point is that the fairphone is a niche product that doesn’t do well in the current monetary / financial environment, because the economy isn’t focused on repairing stuff (yet). It’s admirable to use Fairphone in the same way that it’s admirable to invest in durable investments. You don’t do it because it directly benefits you, but because it’s better for the greater good.

I hope there is nothing lost in translation! :wink:

Nothing lost in translation. It’s more a focus of what is being saved and money is the last thing I would want to save.

Generally ‘the greater’ good’ means self sacrifice of one for the many, whereas the opposite is that if everyone makes a small change it can be huge for some minorities.

That this topic is trying to compare comes done to money. If Fairphone had unlimited resource it there would be no discussion.

However the resource that is money is not the resource that I consider the issue. More like your statement, but different. It’s not about comparing Fairphone to Apple in the financial aspect but a personal will to treat people kinder. If that means buying a Fairphone taxes and money are irrelevant.

Ah, nice!

Well, it does seem we have a kind of ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’ when it comes to the environment. If you get my drift.
Somehow people (like me) think they have to ‘give up’ something when they switch to Fairphone.

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Yes I have to ‘give up’ treating people like slaves working in dire conditions for a pittance.


I see all the time peoples comments in the newspaper forums getting quite aggresive when in the news article the author writes something about redistribution of money from top to the bottom or raising minimum wages.
I have the feeling, many people are not able to understand, that others, which are working full time, need enough money to live well, too. And even if they understand - as soon as this means the taxes for the rich need to be a bit higher - they fight against that with all they have.

I often ask them if they want a situation like, for example in Rio (Favelas), but I never get an answer to that (only down votes).

And the worst thing is, I don´t really think all of these people are really rich. There are even many people with intermediate income, which are thinking like that.

That is a very easy answer and you know it.

If you want to treat everyone nicely in capitalist society you may just as well stop spending money.
Big Tech isn’t the only industry that is ruining ‘it’ for us, what about ‘Big Oil’ ‘Big Banks’ or ‘Big Farma’?
Again, offtopic. Anyhow, you will not convince me by trying to make me feel guilty.

Sometimes I think that those people are bots.
Or they are getting paid to make those comments.

Yes, there are some people that want to defend rights of rich people in case they get themselves rich. I don’t get that either.
They ask: “What’s wrong with being rich?” I say to them “inequality”.

The problem is that inequality is baked into the system. Capitalism needs poor people. Or slaves if you want to use amoun’s argument.
What is the difference between a slave and someone who gets paid too little to live from?

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It’s not just money I reduce the use of, it’s people and everything. I don’t see capitalism any ‘worse’ that ‘co-operative socialism’. Either way people work with what they have to make a gain or a profit.

But as you say it’s going off topic, and there’s no desire or intent to make you or anyone else feel guilty. If you do that’s fine but not down to me. All I’m doing is challenging the idea that other people could or should do better, like Fairphone. I disagree and think it is only down to me to do what I can to reduce my impact and dependence upon others. Others have their own agenda.

I’d better stop this but thanks for the thoughts.

All the best


It would be interesting indeed. I owned an iphone7plus for 7 years until recently. At that time, I already was looking for a ‘sustainable’ model, and ended up with a (refurbished) iphone as to me the Fairphone models were insufficient with respect to camera performance. The battery of my iphone (often had to charge twice a day) was the reason for looking for a new phone. As it was suggested that the Fairphone4 camera’s were fine, I finally decided to go for Fairphone.
Indeed the camera performance is very nice (especially at night, but probably every new camera is doing fine at this). A review complained about missing the portrait function, but that can be dealt with in the pro settings.
What I am struggling with however, is image stabilisation in video (see my post). Hope someone has an answer. The iphone7plus performance is way better at that.
The other aspect I am struggling with, is the use of the Fairphone wallet. It is rather erratical with card recognition. Maybe I still have to learn how to best use it. Anyway, the iphone was more straightforward in that respect.
Unfortunately I cannot compare the models next to each other (also unfair because of the different age) as I don’t have the iphone anymore.

Ok, I stopped using my FP2 some months ago, it is still working and it is my hot spare for the moment.
Main issue: software or driver stability, I switched to LOS after the Android 6 version, don’t regret switching to LOS but I have these random reboots, so finally decided that it was time for a change.
I found the stability of the device okay, I just do not drop the phone :wink:
Switched to a remarkted FP3, again with LOS, no stability problems since them

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Will the Fairphone 4 still have the latest OS in 4 years?
Apple isn’t supplying iOS 16 tot the first iPhone SE (and other devices). That model is from 2016.

Almost definetly : Search for such posts etc.
The five year warranty and FP2 had 7 years from A5 to A10
FP3 has had 3 years from 9 to 11
FP4 from 11 to 16 at least I would imagine