Can the Fairphone 3 play games like Minecraft, Mario Kart etc.?

My phone recently died and I’m considering getting a Fairphone 3. I like the modularity and ethical nature of the phone - although I do question the idea of creating a “phone to last” with low specs…

Anyway - most of what I do with my phone (apart from the obvious calls and texts) are social media, watching youtube and playing games such as Minecraft, Mario Kart and other similar type games. I also develop my own games, although they are all fairly low requirements so I doubt they’d challenge many phones.

I tend to try and buy my phones outright and SIM free and then keep them for around 3 years before upgrading. The Faiphone lends itself to that in terms of modularity, but I’m not sure it does in terms of performance…

All the reviews I’ve read talk about the low performance of the Fairphone 3 - so I’m wondering if it’s likely to be “man enough” for my needs - as simple as they are and if there’s a decent chance of it still being so in a few years time.

Also, I know the bootloader is unlockable, so I’m assuming it’s easy to root? Is it possible to gain more performance by installing a different ROM?

Hallo @daddyjones and welcome to the fairphone community.
I do play games on my FP3, Star Trek Fleet Command and Mario Kart atm.
So I would fairly recommend the FP3 to you as it is capable for your needs.
As you mentioned it before, the boot loader is unlockable. This community is very active and some members are porting the lates Android versions even to the FP2. Also for the FP3 LineageOS is in beta testing status atm.


For the game Minecraft look here.

Reporting in to share Hearthstone and Monument Valley (2) work for me.

The game Minecraft is not the same as Minecraft Earth.
Minecraft has less requirements then Earth.

Here’s another discussion on FP3 gaming :sunglasses:


Is it? As far as I understood it’s just possible to boot a generic android image (GSI) of Lineage.
Maybe I’m missing something but that’s less than the LOS support of the FP2.


Sure, but also FP2 doesn’t support Treble / GSI.

Hej Daddyjobes. I am able to play Pubg mobile and dragon ball z dokkan, Plague on my FP3. Not highest grafic but it running smoother than my old iphone 6+.

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