Can´t revieve nor send SMS

Because of the battery problem, I tried to reinstall latest upgrade (Kola Nut) and now I can´t send or recieve SMS! :frowning:
(I have installed Google Apps also and restarted several times)

I guess you refer to this battery problem?! There you could tell us the results…

All in all you should explain more in detail, what happend and what you tried to solve and what didn’t work.

1.) “Reinstall upgrade Kola Nut” … details! Manual installed KolaNut from RecoveryMode and swiping the cache as described here?
2.) Did you restor anything after your re-installation of KolaNut? If yes: in which way (TitaniumBackup…)?
3.) Do phone calls work? DId you import your contactes (via Backup)? Are there contacts?
4.) “can’t send or receive” means what? There is no SMS App or what is your exact problem?

So please be more specific if you want help of the forum community…
Cheers, Robert

Now I have reset the phone totally, so most things work. But still some SMS don’t get through.
Before, I got a message that the SMS didn’t get through. Now everything seems ok, but the reciever don´t get my SMS.

So some do? Is there a pattern, e.g. SIM dependent if yoou’re using multiple SIMs? Only short SMS messages being delivered? Problems with contacts abroad?

If it is SIM dependent, you could check whether the SMS Service Center number is correctly set. When you’re in the messaging app, press the menu key, and then Settings > Text Message > SMS Service Center. You’ll need to check with your SIM provider what the number should be, if no number is set.

Also, did you check whether voice calls work normally?

@Tobias_Nordqvist: In my opinion you should be more detailed as I already explained above and be less monosyllabic, if you want to get help here.

We only can guess, which problens you solved with this? What’s about your battery problem?
To start, why not anwsering my questions above?

To make easy tests: just send SMSs to yourself. So youe dont have to wait for feedback of your friend! Numbers are 100% correct, no typos?

Now SMS seems to work, the person who didn’t recieve my SMS before, now got 6 SMS at the same time. Everything solved.
I don´t know if the battery problem is solved yet. That comes now and then, not every day.

SOunds more like a problem with your provider / SIM card to be honest. Have you tried your sim card in a different device?