Can’t connect to the camera

Error: Can’t connect to the camera

I can’t use my camera. I tried with Kola Nut 1.8.7 and Cherry 1.6 and Jelly Bean. And retour.
I tried the standard camera and the open camera.
I also tried the hard reset.
Nothing brought a solution.
Mostly I got the Error: Can’t connect to the camera
Or the green screen.

What can I do?

Did it work before?

Did you ever take your phone apart or did you send it to support?

Maybe some connection is loose.

the first months it worked well.
then it began to get the “Can’t connect to the camera”-error once a month.

Actually, I didn’t have the standard camera app, also a new installation didn’t brought it back.
the open camera app did work after the new installation for two photos.
now I get always the connection-error.

has to be a software problem … or?

which software do you recommend:
Kola Nut 1.8.7 and Cherry 1.6 and Jelly Bea?

PS: happy new year and thanks for the answer

You don’t have the App “Camera”, not even after reinstalling the Operating System?
That seems very strange to me.

Maybe you should try installing the OS manually.

Hi Paulkreuzer.

I tried this now.
It brings “installation aborted.” ( and yes: I have chosen the file “FP…zip”.)


Well maybe someone else on the forum still has some ideas, but in the meanwhile you should probably contact support.

It is important to choose the right zip file. Which one matches depends on your storage. Do you see 13GB internal storage when looking at “Storage” in the settings?

If you have tried both, this looks like a hardware issue. Go to Testing Mode and do a camera test. If the camera works in Testing Mode, then your problem is caused by software. If it doesn’t even work in testing mode, then you have a hardware failure and need to arrange a repair (possibly on warranty, if you did not do any physical damage to your phone).

Thanks everybody for the help.
I think I have a hardware problem.
Try to get a new camera.