Can only export part of agenda/calendar

Hi everyone. I’ve tried searching for a solution, but I haven’t been able to find a similar post.

I’m preparing to wipe my FP3 to go back to Android 11, and for that I want to export my agenda. For this, I always used CalendarImportExport (GitHub - SufficientlySecure/calendar-import-export: Import/export your Android calendars as ics files without using the Google cloud).

When I exported my agenda on my previous phone, I had 500+ entries. However, when I export on my FP3, I have only 70+ entries. Looking at my agenda, all the entries I imported when I got the phone are still there.

Does anyone have any idea why entries before February of this year (when I started using the phone) aren’t being exported by the app?

If you aren’t using Google Calendar, then I haven’t a clue what to do. If you are, have you tried exporting using the Google Calendar webpage ?
You can do more on their webpage than in the app.

If your missing entries from the export are showing in the Google calendar webpage, you can click on the calendar they belong to (you can have more than one), then goto settings and sharing > export. Though if they are there, just by setting up your gmail account should sync your calendar (eventually)