Can not use my Fairphone 3+ with my car mount

I received my new Fairphone 3+ two days ago and I absolutely have no problems (everything is working fine).
But one thing that is really annoying is that the charging port is not centred at the
bottom of the phone.

I have a phone-holder (is this the correct expression?) in my car where most phones fit in (because the size can be adjusted).
Here the phone-holder is covering the charging port partly, so the USB-C cable does not fit in perfectly:

(used the Fairphone 3 to make this photo, so I placed the protective case in the car holder).

Yes, I can turn the Fairphone by 180 degrees, but then the finger-print sensor is blocked by the back-plate of the car holder (so I can not unlock the Fairphone with my finger print).

I also looked at 2-3 other phone holders for cars, but here I have the same problem.
The charging port will be partly covered by the holder.

And buying a new car holder just because of a “not centred” charging port is really not sustainable.

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When I had a similar problem, I placed the phone upside down in my car holder.
With autorotation on one can still use the phone.

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As a man who just got done building a new windowsill from a broom handle and the side of a bookcase, I’d just take a sharp knife and cut the interfering bit of material off that plastic protrusion. It looks like it would still be sturdy enough to hold on to the FP3.


As I wrote above: when I place the phone “upside down” in my car holder, then I can no longer access the fingerprint sensor.

Of cause I can take a cutter or a file, to make such a little gap for the cable.

My intention with this post was to show a problem, that occurs with the non-centred charging port (a problem that should not occur in my eyes=-
And to encourage Fairphone to centre the charging port in Fairphone 4.
So maybe any Fairphone employee (like @formerFP.Com.Manager) can forward this problem to the product-development team, so it is considered for Fairphone 4.


Designing a charge mount like this is in my eyes a bit stupid…

My previous phone had its port on the side, and the one before that had it on the top, but looking at the current lineup of new models by various manufacturers, it does look as though there’s a consensus - and partaking in that consensus is only good for compatibility without hurting the fairness of a potential FP4, so it’s definitely a good point.


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