Can not switch "USB Controlled By" to "this device" + charging problems

Hi all,

My main problem is that my FP3+ only charges when it’s turned off.

I think the underlying issue is the following: when the phone is on, there’s a persistent notification “Charging connected device via USB”. When I click it for more options, it says “USB Controlled by connected device” and it is not possible to change this to “This device”, it will just say it can’t change it. At the bottom there’s also a setting “Charge connected device” which can not be turned off either. To be clear: there is no other device or cable attached or anything, the phone just thinks there’s some device attached?

It’s actually the same issue as described in this video:

Unfortunately, the solution that is proposed in the video (attach a power bank) doesn’t fix it for me. My phone will start charging the power bank instead.

The phone may have gotten slightly wet recently, but I disassembled it and let it all dry (didn’t see moisture inside), gently cleaned out the USB port, but nothing worked.

Any ideas? :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Looks like there are some pins or connections shortened in the USB connector or attached electronics.
If there is a Fairphone Angel in your vicinity, you might be able to swap some spare parts, to trace the error. If not a change of the bottom module could help, if cleaning and drying doesn’t work.


Thanks for your help! I just replaced the bottom module and everything is working like new again, woohoo! First time I needed to repair/replace something on the FP and it feels pretty empowering to be able to do so!


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