Can I wipe my phone when it won't turn on

Hello again folks, After my attempt at replacing my power button my phone is now dead. I want to pass it on so that people can use the working bits to repair their phones. Is there any way I can reset my phone and wipe my data off it when the thing won’t turn on? Or would I need to remove some part of the phone - motherboard or something - so that my data didn’t passed on to someone else by accident? Thanks people.

You could remove the motherboard. Probably the only save way, especially if the phone was not encrypted.

If you can reach the recovery menu (press power + volume up together) you can wipe all user data. The menu is operated by: volume down to select, volume up to ‘click’ an option and power to go back.

Thanks folks - really won’t turn on in any mode after my ham fisted soldering attempts so motherboard out it is then the rest is to go for spares.

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