Can i use the offline function for netflix on fairphone 2?

Hi, i haven’t been able to find if you can use the offline download function for netflix. Does anyone know if you can?

I just tried and could download an episode. I’m on LineageOS 14.1 (rooted).

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Yes, it works for me (Fairphone OS). I don’t think it depends on the phone you have whether this is possible?


It does actually. I’m on a Sony with Android 5 so I meet a the specs. But apparently since there are so many different manufacturers for Android, with different hardware and software, they don’t support all androids.

Just a wild guess: is your version of the Netflix app new enough?

According to you need 4.12.1 (build 14299) or higher.

Yeah, everything is up to date. I’ve googled around and other sony users
have reported that many of their phones just don’t have acess to netflix
offline. But thanks for the reccomendation :slight_smile:

Depending how much hassle you can endure, why not ask Sony and/or Netflix support why it’s not working on those devices? :wink:

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