Can I use FP3+ in Mexico?

Hello, I am based in the UK and considering getting an FP3+ for my birthday soon. However, I am from Mexico and there is a chance I might move back there or at least spend a long time there to visit relatives once this is all less dangerous.

Would FP3+ work in Mexico? If so, on which networks?
Are there any descentralised/cooperative/notCarlosSlim/notMovistar network carriers in Mexico, by the way?

I imagine the answer is yes, it depends upon the frequency bands, so you could read what the networks supply but almost definitely the same as the USA

Make sure you buy a local SIM thought to avoid roaming charges



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Wanted to weigh in on this. (copy paste from the US thread) I go back to the US (Houston) once a year, buy myself a throwaway Net10 plan for a month (with ATT sim) and in practice it’s worked okay. Haven’t had times when it hasn’t really worked, although I don’t really watch videos on cell data. In the future, as they remove towers with 3g service and replace with 5g, it may pose an issue but none so far. Phone coverage is perfect. You definitely have to do your research though.

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And of course some info released by Fairphone

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Excellent. Thank you, everyone. I think it will work well if it does work in TX with ATT. Might end up getting an ATT plan if Telcel or Movistar don’t work.

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