Can I replace my screen?

Dear forum,

I mistakenly broke the screen of my fairphone: it still works but is cracked. Luckily, it’s a fairphone so I hope to be able to replace it. However, I’m not 100% sure that this is possible in my case (see the pictures).

Can somebody confirm that buying a display module is the solution ? Also does anybody have an estimate of the time it takes for this module to be delivered ?


First take off the screen to see if there is any damage to the rest of the phone.
If you have #fairphoneangels or any other FP2 users near you you could test your phone with their screen to make sure a replacement will fix your phone.

The display module is currently in stock so it should be delivered within a few days.


Thanks Paula, I will try that. I like the idea of fairphone angels !

Any chance that I can try with another fairphone screen ? A friend of mine has a fairphone but don’t use it so I can ask him to test with his screen.

Sure, you can do this.
Changing the screen is just a matter of less than 5 minutes even for a newbie.
If you have done so once, it is even more simple the next time. And disassembling the screen is always a good trick to impress people with and to show what Fairphone is about and has managed to achieve so far already.


I have been able to test the replacement of the screen and it impressed my friend :). It’s really easy: the only difficulty is that sometimes, the screen is not perfectly placed (even with the blue locks) and doesn’t display anything but in that case, you just have to slide it a bit more so that if fits perfectly.

I just ordered a new display module…

Hurrah for the fairphone & the fairphoners !


I ordered the screen on Saturday and received it (in France) on Tuesday… Amazingly fast delivery !


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