Can I play this game on a privacy-oriented OS for the FP3?

Hello. I want to hear if any privatcy-minded IOS system does allowing Dragon ball z Dokkan the game to be played and downloading it? I have heard /e/ foundation respecting privatcy in phones but if any privatcy minded ios cant run Dokkan, can fairphone’s IOS do it? I will be sad loosing acness to that game while having 425 levels ingame.
And is a hardcore protecting to the screen and to the Fairphone 3? I consider really buying 1 in Feburary month after having a iphone 6 plus since 2015.


First of all, welcome to the Fairphone Forum! :slight_smile:

Secondly, leave the I in IOS away. It is OS for Operating System (iOS is only for iPhone).

Thirdly, there is no privacy friendly OS for FP3 yet, but you can do things to improve the privacy, like installing Blokada (easy) or uninstalling Google Apps (via a computer). Unfortunately, your game might depend on Google Services, which can mean that it will not work if you uninstall Google Services. Anyway, you will have to find out if your game is available for Android 9 and if you can transfer your game progress.

PS.: Please start a new topic if you have multiple questions and search the forum for existing answers before opening new topics. This topic will be about your main question.


I’ve tried out and Dragon ball z Dokkan Battle seems to run with /e/ OS on a FP2. Just the in-app purchase function may be a problem with /e/.
So once there may be /e/ for FP3 someone might try out.


I also just tested it on my FP2 with LineageOS + microG and it worked. I haven’t downloaded the extra 150 MB, but I assume it will work.


Oops my fault, i had been mostly used to IOS :grin:. I hopes so it will be possible to transfer the gamedata with my fake facebook-profile.

I will do next time :blush: with making more topics. I was confused with i should create more or would it be marked as spam.

Wonderful :smile:. I hoping i can buying few dragon ball stones too with that OS.

I hoping the same it will be possible with that OS too :grin:.

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The mentioned application has trackers from Facebook, Google and “Adjust” included so as a privacy conscious user you may prefer not to install this on your device.

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