Can I lock the bootloader on LineageOS 16.1?

I flashed (what seems to be the official) LineageOS for MicroG 16.1 (Android 9). I don’t want to upgrade to LineageOS 17.1 as it runs like trash. Can I lock my bootloader on the Android 9 builds as well?

Of course you can - but this will do a factory reset and wipe all your data. And if you want to update to LOS 17 at any time in the future, you will have to unlock it - which will produce another factory restet.
By the way - what’s your problem with LOS for MicroG 17.1? I’ve installed it on my FP3 a week ago, and it’s running stable and reliable so far.

Hmmm - I haven’t experienced this yet. But maybe it’s because I don’t use my phone for gaming. All day things like messaging, bike navigation, web browsing etc work perfectly. I had the latest FP stock Android (10) before, and I can see no difference. The touchscreen is responding immediately, and animations look smooth.

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