Can I get benefit from the cash back option even if I order a Fairphone from e Foundation?


I would like to know if it’s possible to benefit from the cash back offer if you purchase a Fairphone 3 from the e Foundation online store instead of the Fairphone’s one.

Thanks for your help.


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No, that’s not possible. See section 2, first sentence, in the recycling program’s small print:


Perhaps you should ask e foundation whether they could try to work something out with Fairphone to make this happen in line with their partnership.


@urs_lesse Thank you for pointing that out. I think though that I was hoping that the condition was maybe not up to date, considering the rather recent announcement of this partnership.

I will do as @AnotherElk suggested and ask e Foundation in case they would be able to work something out with Fairphone.

Thanks for your answers!


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