Can FP3 run SailfishOS?

Hi, guys! I’m going to buy a FP3 in the next few months (I just have to save up some more money) and i was wandering if you can run the SailfishOS on it or if it will be possible in the future.

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Have you seen this thread?

Up to now, there is no sailfish. But you can get the FP3 with /e/ preinstalled.
Sailfish will depend on community-efforts and from what I found on the sailfish homepage, there is nothing underway so far.

It was already requested but did not make it to the list of nominated target devices

And it is - of course - not on the list of adaptions:

Edit: Update [2021-01-27]:
No new developments to be found. This posting on the new sailfish forum even makes it look less likely, that official Sailfish OS will come to the Fairphone 3. (Though I have no idea regarding the credibility of that user; sine I am not active on that forum.)


Oh, i didn’t see that. Thank you so much!
Do you think /e/ is better than the Android in terms of speed and update frequency?
I’m very new to tech so sorry if i ask a stupid question :slight_smile: thank you again

Hopefully some technically able person is joining in, as I am not exactly a tech guy.
/e/ is an Android version without the Google stuff.
You can find more information in the following thread. There are also experiences published regarding battery life etc.
As to updates, /e/ seems not to be lagging in this regard.

and on the official homepage of course:


Just as an added information:
Buying the FP3 now will come with a discount, if you have an old phone to recycle (75 € if it’s an old Fairphone; 20 € for any other phone).
Furthermore they now add a pair of their modular headphones for free and the phone is in general approx. 30 € cheaper than the /e/-version.
So, if you dare installing /e/ yourselves, you can save some bucks.
BUT, be aware, that you might have to return the phone to the official Fairphone OS-version if you want to claim a warranty case. If you buy an /e/-Fairphone 3, you get the warranty for that OS-version.


Ooh, I see. So I think i will stick to the original Android version :smiley: I also have a discount code, so I can also buy a second battery for more…

Thank you for your time man, you really helped me. Have a nice day!

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