Can FP1 be modified to support 3G frequencies in America?

I have happily been using my new (used) FP1 in the US the past few months, but my service provider (AT&T) will not be supporting 2G phones anymore past December. The FP1 only functions as a 2G phone in the US. Does anyone know if there is any way to update the FP1 to support US 3G frequencies (like a new antenna?)? Or do I have to let go of my Fairphone? :frowning:

Unfortunately it is not possible to upgrade your Fairphone 1. The frequencies, that are supported, depend on the baseband modem used in a phone (not on the antenna). Since there are no modified versions of that part for the US market, your FP1 will stop to work when AT&T turns off 2G.

I see two possible options for you:

  1. Switch provider to one that provides service on the frequencies supported.
  2. Sell your FP1 and buy a FP2. (Working FP1s sell at quite high prices, some even at the original price.)

Okay, thank you! That makes sense. An unfortunate effect of technology advancement!! Devices become so expendable so quickly because of what providers decide to support. Part of the reason why I love the ideals behind a modular phone

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FP2 also has some trouble with US frequencies. It does work on all 2G networks and with 1900MHz UMTS (3G). Iโ€™ve looked into this before and it appears T-Mobile would be your best choice in this case because other providers are phasing out this frequency or offering it only โ€œin certain areasโ€ (AT&T).

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