Camera2 API - RAW Photos

To all who already updated their Fairphone: is the Camera2 API supported with Android 6.0?

According to “Manual Camera”: Nope, it does not! :frowning:

I use Camera Zoom FX with FP2 on Android 6 and after activation of Camera2API, it loses the manual ISO control feature. Additionally, the app tells me that the Camera2API-dependent features Focus Distance and Shutter Speed are not available because they are not supported by the hardware.
=> it seems that the Camera2API of Marshmellow is available and does work, but the available featureset for the FP2 camera module is a bit disappointing - in fact there seems to be no support by the camera module at all. I hope for the updated camera module announced for this year.


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Can anyone from Support or in general from Fairphone (or basically anyone) tell me: Why is the camera2 API still not implemented at Level3 or at least at Full? I am just curious as to why you would not give permissions to take cool photos…
Thanks in advance!

AFAIK the processor on the main board is not able to process raw photos, but I can’t find a reference right now.
Anyways there is an open request on the issue tracker:


Sadly, since I am a new Fairphone user (and frankly a bit disappointed atm), I do not have access to that topic…so…what does it say in there?

Basically I don’t need RAW capture, being able to change ISO, shutter speed, manual focus and so on would suffice.

Not much. There is no official reply since Summer '17 and the status is still “new”.

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If you want more settings, there are alternative camera Apps out there
You could try Open Camera for a start.
I have not seen shutter speed there, but you can play around with ISO and focus and a lot more.

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The SoC seem to have some limitation resulting in not being able to process the raw camera data stream, hence no hardware support for raw pictures. In which way it is the same or similar root cause for Camera2 API I don’t know yet.

As a possible workaround try “Bacon Camera” from Google Play Store. It supports uncompressed images in bmp format resulting in better quality pictures than the available jpg of Open Camera and some additional features. Unfortunately Bacon Camera is ad supported, or available as paid version.

Hmm, @jftr had already tried to support raw pictures and I believe also Camera2 API before August meeting when I talked to him about these issues, but failed with the SoC.

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