Camera upgrade on e-os

Did anyone try to replace the new camera module on e-os? Does everything work fine? Is there an app like opencamera which perfectly supports the new camera module? Or is only the stock camera app provided by google giving good results?

Since the new FP3+ and its spare part modules will only be shipping after September 14 and the Android 10 update will be released von September 7: Not yet. We’ll have to wait a bit.


In the livestream Q&A they said the engeneering tema is working on compatability with e-os, but I wouldn’t bet that the new modules are compatible from day one.

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/e/ foundation tweet confirming work on upgrading e/OS/ for Fairphone 3 and Fairphone 3+ has already been ongoing:


Hi everyone

I just changed the modules (before thinking and reading) and… it does not work… We habe to wait until the /e/OS update comes.


Hi there, are there any news on this topic? Is it the new module working now on FP3 with /e/?

Yes! The new camera modules now work with /e/OS on the FP3! :smiley:


Thank you for the quick feedback. :slight_smile:
(Maybe a mod could mark the thread as solved?)

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Have a source …

And keep in mind the new modules need Android 10 (Q) to work. The /e/ version numbers (0.12, 0.13 …) don’t necessarily tell you whether you have Android 9 (Pie) or 10 (Q), Settings - About phone - Android version does.

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I still have an Android 9 /e/. I guess I have to manually upgrade? The updater does not offer anything.

Currently this is the case.

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Thanks for the link. :slight_smile: I guess I now know what I’m going to do with my Friday night. :smiley:

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I just would like to give some first feedback and note it down.
I upgraded the software. Except the inconvenience of the complete wipe of the phone it went smooth and without problems using fastboot and the platform tools.
I found the FP2 a lot easier to dismantle but I have a set of screw drivers and additional tools for small mechanics. This was helpful with respect to lifting the connector to the camera module.

I don’t see any difference in the pictures, maybe even some noise in the upper right and left area which I have never noticed before. (I use the most current version of the open camera app from the f-droid store. The build-in eelo one is the same, just two revisions behind).

And I might better open a separate thread, I feel like Android 10 has a higher battery consumption then 9.

So my first superficial conclusion would be: The new camera module does not seem to improve the picture quality and the upgrade hassle is not worth the battery impact.

I will try to remember to update this after more experience. If I forget and anyone is interested in more info please feel free to send me a PM.


Interesting. For me Android 10 improved battery life noticably.


So far the impression is mainly derived from the first day of using it. I have as comparison my work phone. And it felt like they seemed to behave pretty similar and normally the FP3 outperforms the work phone by ~1 day. But on the other hand today was not an average usage day. E.g. I was outside a lot and took a lot of pictures and it was pretty cold.
I will see the upcoming days. :slight_smile:

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So I’m gladly correcting myself. I agree with AnotherElk. The battery usage with Android 10 seems to be a lot better managed at least while the phone is idle.
(But I still don’t seem to get pretty pictures out of the phone.)


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