Camera shortcut in the lockscreen

Hi there,
I just got my fairphone 4 and I desperately want to remove the camera shortcut that is on the lockscreen. I haven’t been able to find any guides out there of how to do this on Android 11 and it is driving me up a wall.

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After you have installed a second camera app you get asked which one you want to use after you have used the shortcut.

Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile: I’ll keep it in mind.
I’m looking for a proper removal. I’d been using stock android for the last 4 years and was happy without the shortcuts existing… and now brain go brrr and GRAAWWR smash because the shortcut exists. I know FairphoneHulk would understand :wink:

I personnaly removed it… the long way. Rooted device → Gravity Box → Hide shortcut.
No issue so far.

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Unfortunately, the FP4 cannot be rooted yet. The community is working on it though.

Yes it can, I’m running it rooted as we speak.

And for SafetyNet pass + google Pay:

Finally for the very issue described in this post - aka removing lockscreen’s camera shortcut - you will need:

  • Riru’s magisk module
  • lsposed magisk module
  • GravityBox

In Gravity Box → Lockscreen modifications → Hide bottom actions → Hide Bottom right action


What’s wrong with this shortcut?
It’s just a small icon in the lower right corner…
I don’t see this anymore

is it really so bad to have the icon down there?

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Haha I think it’s a matter of personnal preference. Some things are very subjective.
I tend to be very stubborn on some details as well, I like my lockscreen plain and clean.

Sure it’s not “bad”, it’s just unpleasant, I don’t want to see it there, it triggers some kind of OCD to see an icon where I don’t want it. :slight_smile:


My “previous” phone broke suddenly so I had to make a quick choice, and my brain is flipping out screaming at me because “nothing is where it’s supposed to be!!” :angry:
My brain gets upsetty when things change. And this is apparently what brain is focusing on right now. Does it make sense? Probably not. But brain is upsetty, and I’m upsetty because brain is making me hate a phone that I would otherwise love :man_facepalming: … and why? because of ONE single, silly, shortcut.

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Is your nickname program? Then I can understand…


Most user names around here tend to check out…

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