Camera settings 'Pro': how to set focus back to Auto?

After having set the focus to manual in the ‘Pro’ mode of the camera, I can’t find out how to set back to Autofocus. Any ideas?

As soon as you type on the focus icon again, the focus bar disappears and the camera sets the focus automatically.

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yes, it seems to focus automatically. But the ‘Pro’ menu still indicates ‘manuell’ (in the German version). I can’t get it back to indicate ‘Auto’. I am quite sure this is a rather new bug. Could this be a side effect of an update? The latest I installed Nov. 06.

There is no bug. It works as designed.
It focuses automatically. If you want to do it manually, you have to activate this function by pressing the button labeled ‘Manual’ or ‘Manuell’.

that’s funny. I believe to remember that in the autofocus mode there was the word ‘Auto’ below the focus icon. I think this was in order to indicate that it is actually in autofocus. Am I wrong?

I don’t know, I didn’t check before. But at the moment, it looks like it works correctly.

Thanks! Anyway it looks inconsistent to me, because the other icons (ISO, WB) are labelled according to their actual status.

But this button works differently, it doesn’t switch an option, which status stays and can be shown. It only activates manual auto focus, as long as it is opened.

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