Camera resolution stuck to 1 Mpx


My FP1 is running android 4.4 (thank you guys who made it possible).

I have an issue. Not sure is 4.4 related.

My camera is stuck to 1 Mpx resolution. I already had this issue. Don’t remember if it was before or after the update.

I know I found a solution, but couldn’t find which one it was.

Can you tell me how I could have the 8 Mpx setting back ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

What camera app do you use?

The one which comes with Android.

Two guesses:

  1. You haven’t accidentally switched to the front (selfie) camera, have you?
  2. (I’m on the old OS, 4.2.2., not sure if this changed in your newer version) When I launch my default camera app, there is the settings wheel in the bottom left corner. It leads to a black window with three tabs – choose the photo camera tab, and there you should be able to choose “image size” or “picture size”.

well well well, I missed an option called “reset settings”, in the camera app (it’s the last one on the too small dialog box - that’s my excuse :stuck_out_tongue:). Resetting the settings made many size options to appear : 1, 2, 3 Mpx, but also the QVGA one.

I really don’t know what setting I could have changed, but at least, my 8 Mpx camera is back.

Sorry for the bother, hope it could help someone else one day :wink: