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Hello all, I have a FP3 and I think i need a new camera (not a problem, i can order one on here) but an odd question related to it… I also need the oval plastic screen which covers the camera and flash on the back of the phone. This fell off when i dropped the phone once. If i ordered a new camera would this come with it? If not where abouts would I start looking for this piece of plastic or something else which would work? If i don’t get it replaced the new camera lens will end up scratched jus as my current one is.

If you look at the spare part here, you should see that the module contains your defective part.
Fairphone 3 Kamera

Fairphone 3 Kamera+ Modul (48MP)

Decide your self, both fit.


Thank you for this help. I am currently trying to purchase the camera but it is not letting they payment go through (a “regional” error). I am based in Spain but presumed this would not be a problem?
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If it doesn’t work at the official shop. Here is a list of resellers. I have had good experiences with Vireo.

Si no funciona en la tienda oficial. Aquí hay una lista de revendedores. He tenido buenas experiencias con Vireo.

The links @UweER provides you are from the Netherlands store, but you can change it to the Spain store at the top-right part of the webpage:

Also, you can try to find the cameras in the “Spare parts” catalog.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Hi, I changed it to the Spanish store but the same issue has occurred. I put my address in in full, but it says that the “region” is not filled/correct. I am wondering what i am doing wrong!

Did you change to “Spain” as country, before you logged in to your account or afterwards?
In case you didn’t do it already, maybe give it a try to clear the cache of your browser and first change to “Spain” and “Español” before starting the shopping process/i.e. doing anything else. (Though the language should not really matter.)

Otherwise I have to admit, that I have no idea but to #contactsupport or buy from a reseller.

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