Camera refuses to take

When the camera is in HDR-A mode, it often refuses to take. I guess it considers the lighting situation too difficult or something like that. Switching to HDR off avoids the problem but what’s the use of the HDR-A mode then? I have missed several shots because of this.

Have you tried clearing the cache/data of the app? Do you store pictures on an SD card? Is it formatted as internal or external storage? Best is to use the built-in storage that comes with the phone.

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It has nothing with storage to do. No, I don’t store the images on an SD card.
It clearly has something with the shooting conditions to do. It only happens outdors, probably only on sunny days. I suspect it has something to do with the contrast of the scene. Maybe, if there are too strong highlights, the dark part of the HDR requires a faster shutter speed than the camera’s maximum. That’s probably bound to happen but then the camera should turn off HDR and take the shot – not just refuse to take.

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