Camera problem: "failed to initialize"

I had the phone for a few months. A couple of weeks ago a message like “failed to initialize camera” started popping up even when I was not using it.
It’s not a persistent problem. I took many pictures today without any issue. But other times it stops working, i.e. none of the application I use to take pictures (WhatsApp, Camera, Telegram, etc.) are able to open the photo-shoot mode.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue?

hey @spacecamel,
I have only had this problem when running a specific app. (it is the audible app) If it’s not the app you’re running, maybe you’ve stumbled on another up that is creating the same issue. Try and see if an app in the background is causing the camera to fail initialization.

Good luck.

Aha! I did install Audible not long ago actually!

It must be it.

Have you found a way to make it behave?

Sorry @spacecamel, I just stopped using Audible altogether as it was also draining my battery like mad. I haven’t actually tried to make it behave. All I know is that when audible is running, the camera cannot initialize. If you even just turn off Audible (ie it is still active in the background but not playing) the camera turns on just fine. Maybe if you use a different camera app than the stock version it will work just fine, but I haven’t had the chance to try that solution either.

Do keep me posted if you manage to correct/resolve the audible issue.