Camera: Part number ct302 66164 ~ Fairphone 3+ Focus

Hi all, I tried to teardown the fp3+ due the known issue with focus and, imho, the bad quality of the photo and I see that code on my module is quite different, probably is just a progressive number of the part?

Quite unsatisfied about photos and the stock camera app, I was affectionate to the Open Camera but it’s unusable due the focus bug (also with manual focus isn’t good as on FP2).

Just to note that your post isn’t directly related to the topic ‘still generating 12Mpx’

When you have a separate issue with the phone, focus, then creating a new topic would be useful and not only stop the original post from diverging but also keep the topics shorter and easier to read.

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I wrote in the other topic because it’s the only one that report the part number of camera, and mine it’s different… So one of the questions

Do you mean the number CT302 66164 ?CT302_66164

Yes, this ct302 66164.

Ok Just added the part no to title for better description and search keywords.

EDIT 1 I haven’t dismantled my 3 month old phone yet so do not know the part no of my Camera.

EDIT 2 You say the focus problem is a know issue, could you create a link here that refers to the issue

EDIT 3 How do you know “that code on my module is quite different,” different from what?

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I guess, that’s correct. It seems to be a kind of serial no.
The constant part of the number, at least in this forum seems to be “CT302”. The rest of the number differs. In the other thread you find besides the number mentiones a picture of a new module by the user @Lidwien , that shows a different number.

So, I wouldn’t focus on that number.
And I haven’t heard from Fairphone, that they have asked for that number when someone was reporting problems. This makes it sem rather unlikely to me, that problems are connected to a certain batch of modules. It’s rather a software issue, in my opinion.

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I didn’t take a picture of my new Camera+ Module to confirm any numbers but I agree with the fact that the picture quality is not satisfying and even worse the with the normal FP3 module. More noise in general and clearly visible noise artifacts in the upper left and right corner.
A link to the “it is a know issue” would be interesting.

Just for the sake of completeness. I’m on /e/ Android 10 using the most recent Open Camera app.

I also encountered the focus issue once with the Open Camera app installed via F-Droid. The /e/ stock version of it didn’t have that issue. Reinstalling the F-Droid version solved it for me. This was when I was still on Android 9 /e/.

A quick link about this known issue

OK so do you have focus problems with the default camera app or is it only with Open Camera

Focus issue with Open Camera and generally low quality photo with stock app


I’ve just installed Open Camera and will compare to the stock app.

It will take me some time to consider photo qualities from each as I’m not much of a camera user.

However if you have serious concerns you could send an official support request explaining your results and what you expect and asking for them to clarify the issue.

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