Camera optical specs?

I would like to know some specs of the camera (2nd gen). Namely:

  • focal length
  • sensor size
  • crop factor
  • horizontal field of view

All I can provide at first glance is from the main Fairphone HP tech specs:

You may find even more information directly at the Omnivision manufacturer HP.


Thanks. What do you mean by HP?

I’d guess … Home page?

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I really wonder, if information like focal length and field of view are available for that kind of camera? I am a bit sceptic to be honest.

Obviously the Omnivision homepage will not provide any information on this behalf, as this is is destined by the optics/lens and not the sensor.

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Focal length may be included in image EXIF data - I don’t have an FP2 so I can’t check. On the phones I can check, where I can show EXIF data it seems to be included.

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You’re right the focal length is indicated. However the other data I’m looking for is not.

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