Camera opens with loud vibration when locked

I have searched for a similar question on this forum and didn’t find it but please me know if there is.

When my phone is in my pocket and a certain combination of buttons is pressed (by accident, for example when I bend over or lean onto something) my camera app opens and my phone vibrates very loudly. I have tried every combination I can think of but I cannot get this to happen on purpose. Does anyone have the same problem or knows which buttons cause this? And more important: does anyone know how to turn this off? (at least the vibration part) I didn’t always have this problem, I think since the update to android 6. I’m on FP OS and I use the standard camera app.

Edit: I do have a slim case but never had any problems with button’s not working/random reboots.

In LineageOS it happens when power button is pressed twice, quickly. I don’t know if the behaviour can be disabled (I guess it’s possible in LineageOS, but don’t know about FP OS/Open, sorry)

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Yes, you’re right! I had tried the powerbutton twice but it has to be pressed very quickly apparantly. Thank you! I would still like to turn off the vibration though.

Edit: Okay found how to turn this off (opening of the camera app): Display -> press power button twice for camera. Don’t know how I didn’t find that before. :sweat_smile:


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