Camera opens despite locked screen

I have locked my FP2 with a pin. Usually it works fine and I enter the number, before accessing anything else. Every so often however my camera with flash just turns on. I am using Open Camera, but it also happened to the Google camera. Does anyone have any advice why this happens? I would like to stop this happening.
Thank you!

You can access the camera without unlocking the screen by swiping from the bottom right corner up. Maybe that happens in your pocket on it’s own (after accidentally pressing the power button to light the screen).

To keep the camera from starting without unlocking the screen you’d have to install a different lockscreen.

Thanks for the fast response. I played around a bit and guess I never realized that when I only ‘softly’ and quickly swipe the screen, the pin screen comes up and if I press the camera icon and only swipe when the the circle comes up, the camera opens. I am just not sure why the light always turns on.
My FP2 is my first phone that I am spending time with to get ‘more’ out of it or adjust to my likeing. You are doing an amazing job in this forum and I have learnt quite a bit already! Thank you!