Camera only in selfie mode, flashlight greyed out

My main camera doesn’t work anymore, only the selfie-mode works, the button for changing it just disappeared. Additionally, the flashlight’s not working either. I’m not sure if there’s a connection to the update to Android 9. I found no solution in the forum, so far. I tried the latest update (where they promised to solve camera problems) and I already cleaned the contacts, nothing helped.
I tried to get in touch with the customer service, but I was just getting tired of all the information they ask before you can submit (what do they need my online shop order number for???). Is there an easier way to contact them?
I’m actually getting really annoyed of this useless help page, so I really hope someone can help me…

You might try to swap the module with someone else in your area to check if the module has failed - maybe there are #fairphoneangels to ask.


I would install Open Camera App, there are still known bugs reg cameras


Flashlight not working is also a known bug


Installing Open Camera didn’t solve the problem (but the selfies are brighter now :wink: )

Good idea, I’ll try that…

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Then I would Start to disassmable and clean contacts. When this does not help and you use the 12 MP Module you can try if removing the black sticky rings around the screw hole will help


Whenever something stops working or becomes erratic on my FP2 I take it apart and clean the contacts with isopropanol alcohol as they are prone to tarnishing. That usually restores normal service.

As I stated in my first post, I already tried cleaning the contacts, without any effect. Also installing Open Camera didn’t help. In the meantime, the camera and the flashlight suddenly worked properly for a while, then it stopped again without reason. It seemed to help to turn the phone off completely overnight while charging it (a simple restart didn’t have the same effect), but that’s no satisfying solution…

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