Camera not working

My (front)camera is not working on my brand new fairphone 3.
The reverse camera is still working.
I tried to empty the cache, i tried a different camera app the only thing i did not tried is the factory reset.
Does anyone had the same problem?

That shouldn’t happen, did you contact support?

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Hello, it was working fine out of the box for me.
Seeing that you tried everything I could think of, I would suggest you to contact support too.

Hope you’ll get it fixed soon !

Hi wilco. I had that problem with my FP2 and solved it easily by cleaning the connections to the module. I am not very technically gifted and so cannot describe the procedure, but it was not complicated. It would be great if that is all you need to do!

Not yet but i will, thanks for answering.

Thanks but it’s very strange dirty contacts after such a short time… but i will have a look.

Hello Wilco,
Did you manage to get your front camera working? I have the same problem and it’s even more annoying now that everyone is video calling everyone!
My problem is I have to physically turn the phone around so the caller can see me. That means I have to stare at the back of the phone throughout the call.
If I want to see the caller, I have to turn the phone to look at the screen, but then they can only see the wall (or wherever the back of phone is facing).
Let me know if you managed to solve the problem!

Is it an idea to sit before a mirror? In that way you can see the caller in the mirror.

Better yet, you can watch the screen and the caller can see you in the mirror :wink:

Not yet, i’m working on it, i sent a screenshot to the service desk with tech data…
Will let you know when the problem is gone …

The problem was solved after the factory reset …


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