Camera not working, display black when calling and poor connectivity

I have all these three problems and just trying to see whether there is a fix for them. I know, I know… I have had my FP2 for seven years now, and it might be time to change it, but I am just clinging to it as this is the point of it all, right? Use until death.

So the camera is not working after last update. It shuts down automatically.
When placing a call, as soon as I hear the ring tone, the display goes black and cannot be reactivated. Thus I cannot be the one who ends the call, nor can I interact with automatic response robots where you have number options.
Finally, I recently have big issues with GSM connectivity, the network is unavailable like half of the time. Not sure whether this is due to the phone or my location (I am at La Réunion).
Well thats about it, thanks in advance for all replies…

We actually had someone from La Réunion volunteering as a Fairphone Angel a while ago (quite miraculous to have another resident turning up here now :open_mouth: ) , but I want to say upfront I’m not sure if that is still valid. You might want to get in touch with him, find his contact details here:

You might want to give this a try:
Settings > Apps and notifications > All apps > Camera > Storage > delete cache + storage (this will not delete photos :slight_smile: )

To make sure: Can you wake up the screen again by pushing the power button?

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Thanks for the contact. I will try to consult the GSM issue with him / her.

Deleting camera cache does not help. I think it is just another symptom of degradation, it started several years ago with the front camera, now even the back camera does not work. And before stopping, the quality of the pictures degraded. They were blurry, I guess this is after spending 3 years in the Sahel, the dust might have entered everywhere and block some sensor or whatnot…

And the black screen during calls is irreversible by any fathomable gesture. It the caller does not hang up I have to restart my phone by holding the button for several seconds, otherwise it does not come back to life.

It is just so disappointing that FP2 spareparts are no longer available. I am sure I would push my current phone for another 5 years if I could change the camera.
Now if I go for a new phone, I would be totally happy with FP3, but if they plan to discontinue the spareparts in 2 years again, then I should rather go for FP4.
So basically I am asking when is the FP3 planned to become obsolete… (a question one would have hoped never have to ask about fairphone…)

Thank you very much for your help


This camera by chance, which would currently be available (among other spare parts)? …

Might be trouble with the antenna connectors …

To rule out software malfunction and/or to get a fresh start … 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 ✏ Installing the Fairphone 2 from scratch in case of failure / Komplette Neuinstallation des Fairphone 2 im Fehlerfall

Of course it’s always good to see whether there might be anyone locally to help or just to provide additional eyes and an additional mind.



Thank you for all the suggestions. Eventually, I resolved it myself without using your advice. The camera problem was a software problem, first randomly downloaded free camera app resolved it.
The black screen problem resolved itself by a factory reset.
The connectivity problem was a question of a bad sim card.

Now, Fairphone offered me 50 bugs discount for purchase of FP4, because I subscribed for refurbished FP 3, which is no longer available.
I got hooked. I told myself, lets buy it as a reserve phone, once this one is totally down, I dont have to face the fact that Fairphone is not shipping out of Europe…

I proceeded to the purchase. The price that is visualized in the cart is 541. However, when attempting the payment, my bank asks me to withdraw 591. I almost did not notice and I almost paid.
Anyway, whatever the marketing tactic was, it did not work with me. I cancelled the purchase and I am reconsidering whether FP is still worth it. There are somehow too many lies hanging around in the air…

Best regards


I probably wouldn’t call it “lie” but rather assume inattention. Ask support if you really find such a bad mistake in their webshop. I can’t believe this is done on purpose. On the other hand they aren’t dealing with vouchers for the first time, they should know how this works…
And btw: If you could return your FP2 before buying the FP4 already you could get another 50€ voucher currently.


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