Camera Not Available on Signal

Sometimes when trying to take a picture through Signal, it is unable to take a picture.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open signal and navigate to a conversation
  2. Tap the icon to open the camera
  3. Tap icon to snap a picture

Expected results:

  • Picture would be taken and then move on through the app

Actual results:

  • Image freezes before alert appears at the bottom of the app reading “camera not available”

Question also posted on Signal’s forum

No such problem on my FP3+ ??? Works fine.

EDIT 1. I was using the front camera, will try the rear.

EDIT 2. Yeap! no problem sending images taken by the rear camera. ??

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Hi Strongthany,

I never experienced issues with Signal and the FP3 camera. Which OS and OS version do you have? Have you modified your system by, for example, trying to “de-google” it?

Best wishes,

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