Camera not always making photos anymore


I have a Fairphone 4 with Android 13. Since a short while, the camera does not always make photos anymore. I sometimes have to repeat the photo several times to finally find it in the gallery. Is this a new and known bug? Do you know if this will be fixed?


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Happened to me as well.

And there’s a second bug, where multiple taps on the releaser are necessary to take a photo. This happens nearly every time after opening the camera.

Do you both use a SD card and how is it formatted? What is your OS Version, you can find under settings- about the phone- build number

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I use a 128 GB SD card.
Don’t know how it’s formatted.

You can e.g. check in the stock Files App if it has an eject button, or in the Camera Settings if you can change between internal and external/SD card

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The SD card can be ejected via Files App and via Settings.
There’s no problem realized with the SD card in specific.

Good its formatted as portable… Can you check if xpu selected the SD card in the camera App as storage location? If yes I would change this.

Internal storage was selected.