Camera module has got a lot to improve

the least favourite bit of my fp2 is the camera. it’s a shame because i upgraded myself to a smartphone since i wanted to take lavish photos of myself, but even a thrown away samsung galaxy3 i found in the garbage makes a better job than fp2.

first of all, after only 30 days or so i got my fp2, the rear camera stopped working, i checked the cables and so on, but it just did not respond. while the selfie camera worked, whenever i switched to the rear one, applications either crashed or a black or purple screen with bright thin fancy stripes appeared. so i replaced it a new module. and still, time to time, the camera crashes, and without knowing what parameters cause, but the stripy screen reappears. and when the camera works, it’s either too slow, like once you touch to take a picture, after 10 seconds the camera takes the picture. and again without knowing exactly why, time to time the camera takes pictures as if there is a purple filter applied.

overall, for some reason i dont expect it to be fully functional, as if it is a free hardware, but at the end of the day, i am somehow dissappointed with my fp2. i hope fp does consider allowing its users to upgrade their phone with better cameras, processors and such, rather than investing into a fp3-vaganza. i lie to my friends about the modular quality of this phone, suggesting that i can upgrade the cam, and other bits because the phone’s design allows it, but in reality, i am afraid that in order to get things improved, i will be forced to get a fp3…

Actually, the camera module you have is probably already the upgraded module. But if you haven’t yet, try OpenCamera. I can’t compare it, but several people reported that OpenCamera makes much better pictures than the standard camera app.


Install OpenCamera. The default app sucks bigtime. With OpenCamera the pictures turn out great!


i have never been a fan of opencamera because it forces me to go landscape when i wanna close the app… regardless, yes, the pics do have better quality with OC. i guess i’ll just keep using OC and get used to it, and hope the camera won’t fail at some epic selfie opportunity…

Strange: I never encountered this behaviour of forcing landscape after closing the app.

My phone once dropped and it seems internally something in the cam-module got displaced, causing total failure. I took the cam module out and put it in again, and everything worked fine again.

Unfortunately, the problem resurfaced after a while and I had to repeat the procedure. This went on for a couple of weeks.

Then suddenly it disappeared again and now my cam is working flawlessly and taking at least as good or even better pics than my previous Samsung phone.

I upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy 2, and compared to my old phone the camera on my new FP2 is better. But, after a few days of use the phone couldn’t connect to the camera. This seems to be a pretty common issue as there are several posts on here describing the same problem.

While I don’t have any complains about the quality of the pictures it’s disappointing to see that the quality of the module itself isn’t fully reliable.

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