Camera Module FP5 for FP4

If you cut out areas of a picture to use a different than the native aspect ratio, that will always reduce the pixel count. 4:3 means 16:12, so with 16:9 you dump 25% of the vertical resolution, resulting in 9MP.

And as said several times already, the hardware quality of the sensors is more than good enough, changing them to something else doesn’t make any sense, but will only fill up the electronic waste landfill.

Choice of a telephoto lens instead of the ultrawideangle when buying the phone would be nice, indeed.


Ok, when choosing 4:3 I get 4000x3000, 12MP
When choosing 4:3 (high quality) I get 8000x6000 48MP

48 MP is too much most of the time (besides the lag of the shutter in that mode) 12 MP sometimes not enough. What I would like to have is something inbetween, say 6000x4500 (4:3) or 6000x3370 (16:9)
I am not sure if I remember that correctly, but I think in LineageOS I already saw such intermediate resolutions in prior smartphones I had (Samsung, Xiaomi).

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But the sensor has a fixed grid of sensor cells, so creating something in between means calculating by software. That can be done afterwards too.

What do you mean by ‘afterwards’? Saving the maximum size image and manually cropping if later on? I mean sure, that’s possible. But it doesn’t sound awfully convenient and doesn’t make nice framing any easier for someone taking a photo while targeting a specific aspect ratio.

I think providing a few software-based options maximizing each common aspect-ratio’s resolution would provide a nice middle ground in terms of making everyone happy.

Cropping afterwards is always better as it gives you the full choice. Cropping while taking the picture throws away probably useful information.

Depends on how you look at it and what your goal is I guess. Same argument could be made for always saving every picture as a RAW file.

I namely see two advantages of immediate cropping:

  • It’s the ‘simple choice’ for someone looking to automize any post-processing and editing.
  • It makes it easier to see if everything is still in frame and looks good if you target a specific aspect ratio that’s slimmer than your current one. Imagine going from 4:3 to 16:9 - you’ll always need to cut away a minimum amount of image to reach that aspect ratio, as you can’t make it any wider. Even large film productions often use on-screen indicators how a shot would be framed if cropped to 16:9 or ultra-wide-screen when shooting in 16:10. (I believe the firat avatar movie made use of that for example irc, since the blu-ray and the cinema editions were released in different aspect ratios.)

In question was the option to crop the image to something in between the physical resolutions. That doesn’t make sense to me.

Ah, I misinterpreted that a bit. Cause as far as I can tell by default there’s no high-resolution 16:9 setting (such as 8000x4500, or 8000x4512 to keep the 16-pixel alignment) either. 4000x2256 is the best it can do.

That’s great…now just fix ghost inputs permanently and it’s a winner

Hallo zusammen, ich bin gespannt und freue mich auf das Upgrade der FP4-Kamera.

Welches Upgrade meinst Du? An der Kamera wird sich nichts ändern, nur an der Software.

Der Topic heisst: “Camera Module FP5 für FP4”. Das liess mich davon träumen, dass es tatsächlich ein Hardwaremodul geben könnte, das sowohl in FP5 als auch in FP4 verbaut werden könnte. Sollte das nicht möglich sein, dann wäre auch ein Upgrade der Software eine super Sache, denn das FP4 mit seiner 50 MP-Kamera kann zwar 50 MP-Fotos aufnehmen, aber dann nicht mit der Kamera zoomen. Normale Bilder haben nur 12 MP. Mit Apps wie Open Camera sind auch gerade mal 12 MP möglich, wobei dann natürlich die Frage ist, ob das nicht Sache der Open Camera-Entwickler ist …
Nun, ich lasse mich mal überraschen. Ich bin froh um jedwede Verbesserung, sei es hardwaremässig oder softwaremässig.

So oder so bitte im englischen bleiben.

Edit: it was already answered above that the FP5 module will not fit into the FP4

As well as the fact that more MP will not make better pictures

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Thanks for your answers. So we will see … Excuse me please because I wrote in German before. I was not aware that I should only write in English. I’ll try my best next time :slight_smile:

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In an EN topic yes please stay in EN. In DE or clear mixed from the initial post, you can surely write in DE those are in 95% or even more marked with the german flag


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